Children's Orthodontist in Montreal

The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommends that children are screened by an orthodontist by the age of 7. At Orthostyle Montreal, we offer early intervention orthodontic treatment services for children in Montreal, taking advantage of your child's developing facial structure, making it easier to guide adult teeth into their proper form and function over time.

Early intervention orthodontics for children in Montreal

Orthodontic treatment for children, also known as early intervention orthodontics, can begin as early as age 7. At this age, teeth are still developing and the jaw is still growing. That means certain orthodontic concerns may be easier to address.

Orthodontic Services For Children in Montreal

Less Invasive

Early orthodontic treatment is often less invasive then waiting until your child is in their tween/teen years. By addressing orthodontic concerns and allowing jaw development, the orthodontist can often eliminate the need for tooth extractions later in your child's development.

As well, some of the underlying causes of orthodontic problems that develop later in life, such as a dependency to breathe through the mouth instead of the nose, thumb-sucking, and dental decay, can be recognized and treated early to prevent problems from worsening.

Children's Treatment Length

Early orthodontic phase one treatment usually lasts up to 9 months, during which time retainers are worn until permanent adult teeth come in.

Treatment takes place while your child still has baby teeth present. After the permanent teeth have come in, we can determine if phase two treatment is needed.

Most children require a second phase of treatment, however, phase two treatment is considerably shorter and less invasive if your child benefits from early phase one treatment.

Orthodontic Services For Children in Montreal

Orthodontic Services For Children in Montreal

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment in Montreal

  • Space is created for crowded and erupting permanent teeth
  • Conserves space for teeth that have not yet surfaced
  • Influences jaw growth and creates facial symmetry
  • Can reduce the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth
  • Can reduce the need for permanent tooth removal
  • Can reduce treatment time with braces

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