Our orthodontists at OrthoStyle Montréal offer Montreal patients traditional-style braces to straighten teeth, close gaps between teeth, and improve overall oral function.

These aren't your parents' braces

Gone are the days of heavy headgear and large cumbersome brackets. Today's braces are streamlined, comfortable and low profile. In some cases, they're nearly invisible, making them a truly viable option for adults and teens who are concerned about aesthetics.

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How do braces work?

Brackets are bonded to the front of your teeth semi-permanently, for either a portion or the entire duration of your orthodontic treatment.

Traditional fixed braces have improved their function and size and can be made of metal or tooth-coloured porcelain.

Porcelain brackets offer an aesthetic advantage, in addition to being a hypo-allergenic and nickel-free option. Wires are attached to the bracket through either a locking mechanism or elastics. Elastic ties can be coloured or clear, to match to your personality or preference.

Treatment progress is monitored at regular intervals, typically every 4-6 weeks. At those appointments, brackets and wires are often adjusted to continue shifting your teeth into the correct position.

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Self Ligating Braces

We offer conventional orthodontic treatments with the latest technology braces: Speed ®, Damon ®  and Innovation C ®.

Bite Turbos

Bite turbos are placed on the side of the tongue and have the function to open the occlusion.

This orthodontic treatment allows teeth to move with greater ease.


Elastics are part of most orthodontic treatment as an auxiliary tool. 

Maintaining good patient cooperation is very important to the success of the orthodontic movement.


Direct bonding requires the bracket be positioned directly on the tooth. Indirect bonding allows positioning of the bracket on the plaster model ahead of time. Modern techniques use computer software to calculate bracket placement.

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