Common Orthodontic Questions that Help You Prepare For Treatment

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Are you considering orthodontic treatment, but unsure how it will effect your daily life? Keep reading to get the answers to some common questions about orthodontic treatment and how to prepare.

Do Braces Hurt?

This is a question that is on the tip of potential patients’ lips. After all, who wants to sign-up for pain and discomfort that may last several months or years? Past blogs have touched on the significant technological advancements that have resulted in several benefits to patients — one of which is more control and less discomfort and pain associated with tooth movement. Superior materials and smaller, less bulky appliances have seen less inflammation of oral tissues, one of the major contributors of discomfort. Teeth are moved by force being exerted on specific teeth for an established amount of time. This force causes all oral tissues to become inflamed, especially for a few days after a new aligner or wire is inserted. But today’s technology has been specifically designed to reduce the amount of force needed to create tooth movement, enabling teeth to move more efficiently and comfortably.

Common Questions About Orthodontic Treatment

Will I Have to Avoid Certain Foods?

The reality is that foods that are sticky, sugary, and crunchy aren’t necessarily the best for your dental health, regardless of whether you’re wearing some form of orthodontic appliance or not. During orthodontic treatment it’s best to avoid any form of food that is really chewy or hard to bite into – as this texture of food can damage brackets, wires, and aligners. One of the major advantages of Invisalign® treatment is the removability of the custom aligners. With no permanent appliance for food to stick to or damage, Invisalign® makes mealtimes and cleanings enjoyable, stress-free event. We find this convenience helps patients to take better care of the oral health. 

Will I Have To Stop Playing Sport During Orthodontic Treatment?

Modern orthodontic treatments are designed to enable a patient to continue their favourite activities – including playing sport. It’s always recommended that a sportsguard be worn for any form of contact sport and one can be custom made to fit over brackets and wires. Protecting teeth during activities that may cause trauma to teeth is crucial to prevent damage to tooth structure and underlying bone.

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