Is It Ok To Fix a Bite Purely For Aesthetic Reasons?

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Does it seem that wherever you turn someone is wearing some form of orthodontic appliance? They could be a pre-teen, teenager, or even an adult, as orthodontic treatment has broken through all forms of age stigma.

The commonness of orthodontic treatment in the modern world has led to some people asking us if Canadians’ bites have become significantly more complex and imbalanced over the past few decades, but there are other factors at play motivating the young, and not so young, to fix their teeth and improve their smile.

Your Teeth are Healthy – Just a Bit Wonky

There are some great smiles walking around this big ‘ol world that maybe wouldn’t win first prize for bite perfection — they have one or two teeth out of place or even missing completely, but are still very healthy. These sorts of little imperfections are fairly common amongst humans all over the world. And, as with all forms of beauty, the attractiveness of a smile is in the eye of the beholder. Some of us are ok with a little character and embrace the space between teeth or some mild crookedness that seems to be a magnet for trapping spinach. Being comfortable and confident with your smile will enable you to rock what others may deem imperfect, and if teeth and gums are healthy then maybe living with a few not so perfect teeth is ok. But even when teeth are structurally healthy, it’s still ok to want to fix a smile purely to improve the aesthetics of a smile.

Fixing the Aesthetics of a Smile

When it comes to having a healthy smile, orthodontics is frequently the most thought of method to achieve an aesthetic result along with a functional bite.

While cosmetic dental options like veneers and crowns do a fabulous job of creating a more even smile by camouflaging cosmetic imperfections, orthodontic treatment corrects crooked teeth and gappy smiles by moving teeth into positions that enhance the beauty of a smile as well as the health of the bite.

Even if a patient’s primary motivation is to address the cosmetics of their smile, the process of orthodontics will accomplish that goal while also creating an overall more healthy mouth.

Orthodontic Treatment For Aesthetic Reasons

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