Orthodontic Treatment – Not Just for Kids

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In today’s orthodontic world, it’s not just kids who wear braces and aligners. Close to 50% of orthodontic patients are now adults, and people of all ages are looking to correct their bite deficiencies and address cosmetic concerns.

A Blessing in Disguise

We are sometimes told by our older patients that waiting until adulthood to straighten their teeth may be a blessing in disguise; as modern day orthodontics means more discreet appliances, reduced treatment time, and greater comfort during tooth movement.

It’s never too late to have the smile you’ve always wanted and the dental health you deserve with a little help from modern orthodontic technology.

Does Modern Technology Make Treatment Easier?

We have to be careful about making statements that suggest today’s orthodontics are easier, faster, and more comfortable. Treatment time and complexity is unique to every patient and can vary depending on desired goals. But when asked if today’s technology makes orthodontics easier on patients compared to what was available fifteen to twenty years ago, we’d have to say: Yes! Technology like Invisalign® wasn’t available to the public until 2000 and up to that time the majority of orthodontic patients were wearing traditional brackets and wires – albeit with incredibly efficient materials that moved teeth effectively in to desired positions. What older appliances and technology didn’t provide was discreet, removable options as the trend was to use cemented brackets that only came off once treatment was completed. Having an option to wear clear, removable aligners does make the thought of straightening teeth more appealing to patients, especially adults who are attracted to Invisalign’s inconspicuous design.

Invisalign® – Just as Good as Braces

Adults who were offered metal brackets and wires ‘back in the day’ can be initially skeptical about Invisalign’s tooth moving capabilities. That’s understandable as it’s hard to imagine a piece of clear plastic moving teeth without wires or brackets.

The level of customization and quality of materials used to create an Invisalign® treatment plan enables patients with extreme to mild tooth alignment concerns to straighten their teeth with little to minimal disruption of their appearance and day-to-day life.

The convenience of Invisalign® being removable, along with their ‘barely visible’ design may provide an easier, more comfortable solution to orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic Treatment For Adults

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